Juicing Recipes for Fatigue

If you are looking for a healthy substitute for coffee, then keep reading! I wanted to share with you all three of my favorite juicing recipes for fatigue. What you need for juicing is a juicer machine, or you can use a blender and then take out the extra products from the juice. It is also helpful to avoid certain drinks, such as coffee and alcohol.

  1. Kale White Grapes Applemint
    Apple mint helps with boosting energy and also aids in digestion.
    What you will need is Kale, white grapes and applemint

2. Apple Fresh.
what you will need is apple, pears, gingerroot ( a piece), grapes, and, ground cinnamon

3. You can also try Brocco-Carrot.
what you will need is spear broccoli, carrots, and an apple

There are so many other juicing recipes. I will leave the link for the book down below.



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