Unpopular Opinion: Coffee is not good for you

Coffee is not good for you. It contains poison and is stimulating to the body. Many people have made it a habit to go and buy coffee in the morning to help them “wake up” when, in reality, it doesn’t do that (guilty!). Coffee is a hurtful indulgence. It temporarily excites the mind to unwanted action, but the after effect is exhaustion, prostration, paralysis of the mental, moral, and physical powers. The mind becomes enervated, and unless through determined effort the habit is overcome, the activity of the brain is permanently lessened. All these nerve irritants are wearing away the life forces, and the restlessness caused by shattered nerves, the impatience, the mental feebleness, become a warring element, antagonizing to spiritual progress. The money expended for tea and coffee is worse than wasted. They do the user only harm, and that continually. Those who use tea, coffee, opium, and alcohol, may sometimes live to an old age, but this fact is no argument in favor of the use of these stimulants. What these persons might have accomplished, but failed to do because of their intemperate habits, Through the use of stimulants, the whole system suffers. The nerves are unbalanced, the liver is morbid in its action, the quality and circulation of the blood are affected, and the skin becomes inactive and sallow. The mind, too, is injured. The immediate influence of these stimulants is to excite the brain to undue activity, only to leave it weaker and less capable of exertion. The after effect is prostration, not only mental and physical, but moral. As a result we see nervous men and women, of unsound judgment and unbalanced mind. They often manifest a hasty, impatient, accusing spirit, viewing the faults of others as through a magnifying glass, and utterly unable to discern their own defects. {CD 422.3} 

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For those who drink coffee often, it may not be easy to get out of the habit, but it is also not impossible. Try replacing those stimulants with other drinks. Try and wake up earlier and make smoothies or you can make them the night before. You can throw in different fruits and vegetables that are good for energy boosts such as bananas, apple, papaya, and more. Also, I wrote a blog on juicing recipes that helps boost energy (https://heyitsrose.org/2020/06/21/juicing-recipes-for-fatigue/ , Check it out!