Perfume Collection ( part 2)

  • ACQUA DI GIOIA by Giorgio Armani: This perfume is one of the first that I have owned. It has a fresh and airy scent to it. This fragrance is excellent for the spring or summer time. Some of the keynotes in this are jasmine, warm woods, gardenia.
  • Hypnose by Lancôme: This fragrance is also a great spring and summer scent. It smells like florals mixed with warm vanilla once it settles into your skin. Its very light and can be worn to work, church and other places. Some of the keynotes in this are passionflower, vanilla, and vetiver. The bottle is beautiful yet simple.
  • Ginger Essence by Origins: This fragrance is different for me. It smells like fresh ginger. It is not long lasting, but it is an excellent everyday fragrance to have and I usually wear it to bed or run errands. I would not mind purchasing it again. It smells like spicy ginger, bergamot and lime, which are also some of the keynotes in it.
  • J’adore by Dior: I’m not sure how to explain this scent. It smells very “perfumy” when you first apply it, but you can smell the florals once it settles. I think this fragrance is good for brunch or a lovely date scent. Some of the keynotes in it are jasmine, tuberose, rose, and vanilla.
  • Women by Calvin Klein: I love this fragrance because it smells lovely and light. I don’t wear it often, but when I do, I remember why I like it. It’s a pleasant fresh floral scent without the florals being overpowering. Some of the keynotes in this are raspberry, lemon, black currant bud, and centifolia rose
  • Euphoria by Calvin Klein: At first, when you spray this perfume, it smells like cologne, as if this fragrance can be unisex. But, once it settles in, it has this warm vanilla, musk, and floral scent(for me lol). It is a lovely fragrance to wear on a night out. Some of the keynotes in this are pomegranate, orchid lotus blossom and, persimmon & more.

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Constipation: Natural Remedies

I wanted to do another blog on natural medicine. I spoke about the book, Natural Medicine Encyclopedia by Vance Ferrel and Dr. Harold M. Cherne in my previous blog post on Irregular periods. This time I wanted to write about something that is also common, and that is constipation. I will also share my thoughts and some of the remedies that are in the book.

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Constipation is common, and a lot of people struggle with managing it. There are different reasons why a person may be constipated. It can be due to dehydration, diet, old age, too much fiber, certain medications, not enough movement, and so many other reasons. Constipation can become chronic and may even cause some people to have hemorrhoids, which can be very painful for them.

Below are the symptoms, causes, and natural remedies, which you can also find in the book I mentioned earlier.

Symptoms: Stools are hard, dry, and infrequent. It is difficult to have a bowel movement. Other symptoms may include abdominal discomfort, lack of energy, dull headache, poor appetite, and low back pain.

A to Z: Constipation | Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Some Causes: The bowels should move daily, ideally, after each meal. When this does not happen, waste material moves too slowly through the large intestine. Elimination becomes painful, and the system reabsorbs toxins. Placing an overload on the liver and kidneys. All waste in the body should be expelled within 18-24 hours. Constipation tends to be common during pregnancy.
Older people often have constipation because they are not drinking enough water: Alternative diarrhea and constipation may point to irritable bowel syndrome.

Natural Remedies:

  • Include enough fiber in your diet each day; drink enough water. Get enough exercise, especially outdoors, so you can get enough fresh air. Avoid poisonous substances and emotional tension. Relax. Be thankful to God for your blessings, and take time to be a blessing to others.
  • Also, when you take in your fiber, make sure you drink plenty of water as well, too much fiber and very little water can cause constipation-have a right balance with both fiber and water to match.
  • As soon as you awake, start drinking warm water, a little at a time. By the time you are ready for breakfast, you should have taken at least a quart. Faithfully follow this regime, and you will develop regularity in your morning bowel movement.
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  • Eat prunes or figs, Drink Prune Juice. Flaxseed meal is helpful. Both will soften your stools.
    Beta carotene or carrot juice will maintain the health of the intestinal lining. Acidophilus will keep the large bowels healthy.
  • For quick relief, drink a large glass of water every 30 minutes until you have a bowel movement.
5 Reasons You Should Eat More Prunes | Chatelaine
Whole Brown Flaxseed | Bulk Flax Seed

What to avoid:

  • avoid concentrated foods, such as meats, sugar, and cheese.
  • Iron supplements cause constipation as well as pain killer medications.
  • Dairy foods, soft drinks,white flour, alcohol, and sugary foods can also cause constipation.

Natural Remedies by Vance Ferrell and Harold M Cherne, M.D :Irregular Periods

I’m from the Caribbean, and one thing that I love about us is that we love our natural remedy medicines. One of my favorite books for a while now is Natural Remedies Encyclopedia by Vance Ferrell and Harold M Cherne, M.D. In the book, you will find natural medicines, and they are straightforward and practical, and the book has over 730 diseases with natural remedies and encouraging words.

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To give you an idea of why I love this book, I chose a subject that I know many of us women might be facing, and that is- irregular periods.

What Is an Irregular Period and How Many Days Are Normal?

There are many reasons why some of us may have irregular periods. It can be due to imbalance hormones, birth control, pregnancy, uterine fibroids, etc. The best way to figure out why your period is irregular is to make an appointment and see your doctor.

In the book, you will find a few natural remedies for dealing with irregular periods, and I will share some of them on this blog post straight from the book! Also, I will post a link if you would like to order the book for yourself or someone else as a gift.

Irregular Period: Causes & Symptoms | Kotex MY

Irregular menstruation menometrorrhagia

SYMPTOMS: A menstrual cycle that has wide variations in the length of time between periods.

CAUSES: Although the average menstrual Cycle lasts 28 days, they may occur as often as every 24 days or as infrequently as every 34 days. After puberty, most women develop a regular cycle; but, for some, they remain irregular. Menstrual bleeding normally lasts 2-4 days, with average length being 5 days. Wide variety are common at puberty, the first few months after childbirth, and as menopause approaches.

Like I mentioned earlier-the variations are usually the result of temporary hormonal imbalance, stress, depression, severe chronic illness, excessive exercise, and extreme weight loss ( or gain). Other possible causes include disorders of the ovaries or uterus (especially polycystic ovary syndrome), in which there is an imbalance of the sex hormones. Or it might be endometriosis, in which fragments of the tissue that normally lines the uterus are displaced and attached to other pelvic organs. Another cause is an unsuspected pregnancy. A single, late, heavy period may be due to a miscarriage.

Why Ovarian Cysts Are a Cause for Concern | Health Plus
Endometriosis - American Pregancy Association


Beet Root Juice Powder - Organic - Z Natural Foods
Beets Juice
  • Raw beets, beets juice or beet powder is very helpful in regulating all menstrual problems. I also wanted to add that beets juice is good for a variety of things, it can be use for an energy boost, digestive health and so much more.
  • Diets that cause extreme weight loss can disrupt periods, as can hypoglycemia, nutritional anemia, iodine deficiency, and hypothyroidism.
  • Dong Quai (1/2 tsp. of tincture or 2 capsules, 3 times daily), taken during the first two weeks of the menstrual cycle, helps regulate hormonal production, particularly estrogen. Do not take during menstruation or pregnancy, because it can stimulate bleeding.
  • gently simmer 1 tbsp. Elecampane root 10 minutes in a pint of water. Let cool, strain, drink 1-2 tbsp. several times daily.
  • to promote delayed menstruation, drink angelica root tea several times a day. Bruise 2 tsp. of root, simmer in 2 cups boiling water for 15 minutes, strain.
  • Evening primrose balances the hormonal system. An infusion of parsley fruit stimulates and regulates menstruation.
  • an infusion of mugwort flowers or root helps regulate menstruation.
Using Mugwort in Magical Workings
  • alternating hot and cold sitz baths stimulate pelvic circulation
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There are more natural remedies listed in the book. I would highly recommend to read about all of the remedies. Click on the links below to order yours!



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