Perfume Collection ( part 2)

  • ACQUA DI GIOIA by Giorgio Armani: This perfume is one of the first that I have owned. It has a fresh and airy scent to it. This fragrance is excellent for the spring or summer time. Some of the keynotes in this are jasmine, warm woods, gardenia.
  • Hypnose by Lancôme: This fragrance is also a great spring and summer scent. It smells like florals mixed with warm vanilla once it settles into your skin. Its very light and can be worn to work, church and other places. Some of the keynotes in this are passionflower, vanilla, and vetiver. The bottle is beautiful yet simple.
  • Ginger Essence by Origins: This fragrance is different for me. It smells like fresh ginger. It is not long lasting, but it is an excellent everyday fragrance to have and I usually wear it to bed or run errands. I would not mind purchasing it again. It smells like spicy ginger, bergamot and lime, which are also some of the keynotes in it.
  • J’adore by Dior: I’m not sure how to explain this scent. It smells very “perfumy” when you first apply it, but you can smell the florals once it settles. I think this fragrance is good for brunch or a lovely date scent. Some of the keynotes in it are jasmine, tuberose, rose, and vanilla.
  • Women by Calvin Klein: I love this fragrance because it smells lovely and light. I don’t wear it often, but when I do, I remember why I like it. It’s a pleasant fresh floral scent without the florals being overpowering. Some of the keynotes in this are raspberry, lemon, black currant bud, and centifolia rose
  • Euphoria by Calvin Klein: At first, when you spray this perfume, it smells like cologne, as if this fragrance can be unisex. But, once it settles in, it has this warm vanilla, musk, and floral scent(for me lol). It is a lovely fragrance to wear on a night out. Some of the keynotes in this are pomegranate, orchid lotus blossom and, persimmon & more.

Check out part 1 of my perfume collection:


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